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Raising active kids isn't easy. Listen in as moms tallk walking to school, risky play, screen time and more. 

Mar 1, 2017

Shelley (mom of 2), Tracy (mom of 1) and Jayne (mom of 2) talk physical literacy and how parents, schools and others can help kids become confident movers. The episode covers:

  • whether running, jumping, throwing and other skills come naturally to kids
  • why these skills are important building blocks for a happy, healthy life
  • what childcare providers, schools and communities can do to help
  • the fact that developing physical literacy isn't as complicated as it sounds

Our panel also weighs in on recent online posts on the topic, including:

  • this CBC interview with exercise physiologist Dean Kreillaars, who says that our focus on winning in sport contributes to declining physical literacy
  • Dwayne Sheehan’s blog post about the importance of providing a wide variety of experiences for our kids

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