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Raising active kids isn't easy. Listen in as moms tallk walking to school, risky play, screen time and more. 

Apr 26, 2016

Michelle (mom of 3) and Jenn (mom of 2) chat about their approaches to keeping kids active in summer (hint: they’re not big planners) and discuss:

  • encouraging kids to be creative and independent
  • planning active vacations
  • making summer more memorable with family activity

Michelle and Jenn also shared their tips for planning active vacations, including:

  • giving the kids a say
  • packing active gear and toys
  • making sure everyone has good hiking or walking shoes
  • adding a creative twist to your activity

They also share ideas for staycations, debate whether today’s moms have it tougher than our own moms did and discuss an interesting post entitled How This Reformed Helicopter Mom Saved Summer Vacation (

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Teresa Walker
over four years ago

When my boys were young they were outside til dark on bikes and skateboards. As they got older it was difficult to get them to unplug and try new things like water skiing.