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Raising active kids isn't easy. Listen in as moms tallk walking to school, risky play, screen time and more. 

Oct 28, 2015

Sara Toth (mom of 4) and Sheila Hryniuk (mom of 2) join Tenille to chat about walking to school.

Sara and Sheila share their thoughts about:

  • how they make walking to school work for their families
  • why walking is more convenient than most parents think
  • why walking to school is good for kids (and parents too)
  • some of the reasons most families choose not to walk
  • the best age for kids to start walking on their own

Walking to school has been in the news a lot lately. Sara and Sheila chime in on some of the headlines, including:

  • Buzz Bishop's post about why he's terrified at the thought of his third grader walking to school alone (It's not the reason you think.)
  • Selena Hoy's story about why Japanese parents feel freer to let their kids walk to school alone

Sara and Sheila  also talk about ways to make walking to school safer and easier. Number one on their list is making sure sidewalks are cleared of snow so kids don't need to walk in the street - a real prairie problem!

Visit for tips and tools to help make walking to school work for your family.